Sunday with Sophia

On Sunday, my niece, Sophia Loren, and I had a play day to ourselves. It was just what I needed, and she got to have fun without having my nephew, her three-year-old brother, following her around. We had French toast for breakfast and then loaded into the car with the dogs. We ended up at my dad’s house in the country where we played picture-time on the stacks of hay and in the corn fields. Sophia made friends with the neighborhood horses and cows. Here are few photos from the day. Happy Friday!We made burgers and fries and ate on the patio.On the way home, we stopped for McDonalds ice cream cones and then went to watch the skydivers come in. The dogs were a little freaked out, but it was fun.

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2 Responses to Sunday with Sophia

  1. jen howell says:

    I love Sophia’s freckles!

  2. M. Gibson says:

    I love the dog’s expression, eying Sophia’s french fries…Very funny & Cute.

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