Five Polaroids

I have a few Polaroid cameras in my camera collection. They hang from their neck strands, waiting and waiting and waiting to be used. They stare at me, and I stare back, imaging all of the beautiful images I could take if only I could afford the film. Every few weeks I’ll look online, hoping to find a miracle of cheal film. But even old film on eBay is crazy expensive, and while I’m so thrilled with The Impossible Project, I still can’t afford to buy film from them (yet). I teased myself on Friday when I stumbled on a Polaroid  site. The images were so dreamy and beautiful and lovely.

I put one of my cameras out for sale at our neighborhood garage sale this weekend. It’s not a particularly old or cool camera, just one that I picked up for $3.50 at a thrift store and was planning on giving it to anyone who wanted it.

I was in the garage working on my TTV camera (the one I told you I was planning on making), when I heard it. That loud shriek of a Polaroid as it captures and image and spits it out into the world. It couldn’t be. I stood there for a second with my mouth open, confused. A browser had taken a picture with my camera, and the photo above was slowly developing in her hand. I had no idea there was any film left inside. How long it’s been there, I don’t know.

Obviously the film isn’t very good. There’s a weird separation of layers that made part of the film turn green and almost liquid like. But still I love it. And I feel like it was a little gift to me because the day before I was totally sad that Polaroid was nowhere in my future. I used up all the film (on my mom, on a neighborhood car, on pool ripples, on homemade Christmas ornaments for sale). It was awesome.

And here’s a sample photo of the Through The Viewfinder (ttv) camera I rigged up. I’m so excited to show you more of these.

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One Response to Five Polaroids

  1. anwa says:

    I’ve always wanted to take Polaroids, but I have neither the camera nor the film. These are lovely, though!

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