Vibrant Val

I met Val a couple of years ago through our friends Laura and Grant. Laura was always talking about Val, telling me that she was her little fluttering butterfly. I am so glad I’ve got to become friends with Val. She has a sweet calmness about her that is refreshing and comforting. But she also has this fiery side that is so fun, beautiful and creative.

Val and I drove together to Aptos to visit Laura and Grant at their family’s beach house a couple of weekends ago. We got there a little early. The sun was still out, though shielded by soothing overcast skies and misty ocean air. Val, with her scarves, and me with my camera, went walking around the beach neighborhood. What we ended up with was this little mini photo session of Val. There are so many that I love (though I know she loves when shaman Val made an appearance).


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3 Responses to Vibrant Val

  1. Terra says:

    Hi, Im new to blogging but wanted to comment that I really loved your photoshoot. Im into photos and have been playing around with alot of different looks or tones myself. I love your kind of washed out, vintage images the best and really like the one way shoot, its great!


  2. Patrick says:

    Fantastic shots!
    I’m loving the One Way sign photo

  3. Kelly says:

    Love these shots!!!

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