Snippets & Five Senses Monday

Hello, Monday. Today I thought I’d share some snippets of life because I have random photos from recent days that don’t really have anything to  do with anything. Or maybe they do.I wrote from home on Friday. The day started like this: Between the sheets for a little longer than normal.Eventually — after I tried writing at my desk, at the coffee shop (where I got in trouble for eating my sandwich), on the living room floor, at the kitchen table and then finally back on my bed — I had a bowl of mint chip ice cream.I ate Chinese food at my desk.

I took pictures of Val, to share very soon.We got to the beach house before Grant and Laura. We were so excited to see our friends. We read the book that people write in when they visit.We kept waiting. And decided to go out for a walk.This green bus caught my eye.

I also went to a Sheryl Crow concert. I picked up the tickets at Will Call, thinking we’d be on the grass in the very, very back. But we weren’t. We were in the front section, 10 rows back. The part that killed me — I didn’t take my camera because they’re not allowed at the venue. But guess what they gave me with my tickets? A PHOTO PASS! Heartbreak. Next season, I’m taking my camera and getting more than a crappy cell phone picture.

Enjoy your week, and let me know your Five Senses.

Homemade chili. Fall teased me earlier this week and made me crave a pot of chili, which I finally got around to making this weekend — when the temperatures went back up to 100! Oh well, we kept the air on really high and I got to snuggle and have my chili, too.

Scorched quinoa. I was really craving it, too.

All different sounds of Pandora. I’ve given up the TV for a while, so now I’m all about Internet radio.

A blank page as I attempted to do stay on track and do eight hours of work from home on Friday.

An itch … to go somewhere on my list (India, Bali, Belize, New Orleans, Seattle). Portland will be good in November. But New Orleans, I’m looking at you.

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