Silence and cold water

last night was one of those nights i just needed to get away. only i couldn’t really go anywhere. the next best thing i could think of was sinking into a pool and being consumed by cold water and the muffled, dreamy sounds and the flashes of sunlight on the surface over me. underwater is definitely one of my favorite places to be.

i also decided to escape in a good book. i read it — and almost feel asleep — on the air mattress and then on a beach towel on the warm cement. as i was in middle of the pool, the light on the pages were bright and golden against the sparkling water. i went back inside to grab my camera, and stayed out until the sun went away.
the sunflowers this year are freakish, but lovely. in the picture below, you can see it just hanging there — oh so favorite game to play with my niece is “diving for pennies.” i’ve been lazy and have left a few to sit out by the pool to corrode. i’m on a food memoir kick right now. i like this one because it’s sort of a travel memoir, too.

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2 Responses to Silence and cold water

  1. Paula says:

    everyday bliss … this is so enchanting … thank you!

  2. Kathryn says:

    Gorgeous and calming photos! Also is the book good?

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