A week of garden eating

Happy Sunday, blog world. It’s a lazy afternoon, now evening, at my house. It’s the kind of day where you wake up feeling fresh, go to church, meet out-of-town guests for lunch and make it home with a wide open afternoon still left to nap on an air mattress in the pool, read and watch an old TV series on DVD.

Tonight, I put together a little collection of my week in food: in really, really fresh food. Last week, I decided to eat as many whole foods as possible and cut out white sugar (including any of that toxic “sugar free/100 calorie” crap) and white flour. These are a few of the yummy things I enjoyed. I’m not following any health guru’s advice, I’m just doing what I know is right and healthy.

So last week, I stocked up on goodies from the farmers market and raided my dad’s garden while he was gone camping. I was a little obsessed with sugar snap peas, but now fresh basil and tomatoes are my favorite. Now I’m off to cook up some of that summer squash. It’s so buttery and tasty; it’s “delish.”

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2 Responses to A week of garden eating

  1. MonkeyGrove says:

    Thank you for your sharing.

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