A bus ride and a walk: a love story {12}

It doesn’t mater how many times you’ve mastered the MUNI, how many bowls of clam chowder you’ve consumed, how many sidewalk cups you’ve dropped spare change in or how much you’ve paid to live in a Tenderloin district closet — there is always something more to see in San Francisco.

Feeling like I haven’t done enough of either of those — and some, not at all — I was particularly engrossed in the life happening around Maggie and I as we did actually master public transportation and found our way on foot the other weekend.

Here are a few shots from our first day: just us, our luggage on our backs, a list of handwritten directions and my camera.

A girl with this beautifully wild hair sat in front of us on the bus. I felt a little creepy taking her picture, but I couldn’t help it. And then we kind of followed her and her boyfriend all the way to the craft fair. She doesn’t know it, but we probably went the right way because of her.Where do I sign up for an apartment on top of a coffee roastery?

Ah, the sunflowers. I find pictures last a little longer, but I wouldn’t mind some of these by my bed.

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2 Responses to A bus ride and a walk: a love story {12}

  1. bang photography says:

    Fabulous imagery.
    Not sure how but I was just delivered to your site via the magic of the internet and was just drawn in by your photographs. They remind me of my halcyon days of shooting old stock film, the colours and almost pure documentary feel.
    Just thought I’d drop a comment to say thanks.

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