the perfect gourmet burger {11}

so i’m going through and trying to organize the folders of untouched pictures from the last few weeks, and i come across these few. having kinda, sorta passed up dinner, i’m kinda hungry. good thing, though, it takes more effort to go downstairs and open the fridge than it does to post these.

anyway, when in the city for renegade, maggie and i wound up at barney’s gourmet hamburgers, not far from our hotel. it’s funny because maggie doesn’t even like hamburgers. at all. they do, however, have chicken sandwiches of all sorts and she was pretty happy about that.

though i’m sure you’ve guessed it, the food — from the cheesy burger to garlic fries — was perfect. so perfect i could even eat one now.
(and by the way, i’m counting this as No. 11 of the August Break to get me back on track from when the Internet hated me and didn’t let me post…wink)

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One Response to the perfect gourmet burger {11}

  1. nbukrey says:

    Nice job on the pictures… they really look great! Gotta love the speed and sharpness of the 50 1.8!

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