summertime collage {10}

it’s a wednesday in august, and i’m sitting at my desk at work, taking my lunch hour that i didn’t think i’d manage to fit in today. a fly has snuck in through the door we have propped open, and it’s trying to get past me, to my sandwich made of mayo, flourless bread and homegrown tomatoes. maybe it’s the freshness of summer tomatoes or the way the light is shining so brightly into our office, but I can’t concentrate. well, i can’t concentrate on what i’m supposed to do. however, my mind is buzzing busily with all of the other ideas in my head: editing tons of pictures for you (of reno, san francisco, chinatown, dillon beach and clam chowder), finishing a project that is taking way too long, getting to the end the book i’m reading, and the end of the other book i’m reading (yes, time away camping allowed me and the written word to rekindle our flame).
but instead of doing any of that, i’m going to go back to my work and my sandwich. since i’ll get home after 10 tonight, i’m just going to share a picture of a collage i made a long time ago. to me, it radiates summer in august and brightens up my cubicle just a tad. until tomorrow….

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