what’s in my (beach book) bag {5}

chances are, that right now, as you’re reading this, i’m sprawled out on a blanket on a breezy northern california beach with my heavy book bag very near to me. it’s the one activity i’ve been looking forward to for weeks: me, soft sand, engrossing reads, day after day after day.

i thought i’d share some of the books and magazines i decided to take. there are a couple i didn’t get to include here, but you get the point. what are you reading?

i started by going to the library. i’ve been trying to learn the technical side of photography so i’m looking to some not-exactly-the-most-up-to-date photography books for guidance. i also checked out a couple of novels that caught my eye.

magazines are one of my truly favorite things in life, so i always have plenty of those stuffed in my bad, under a car seat or in a bedside drawer. i just can’t help it.

today, i’m catching up on the british issue of jamie. i love the recipes, the colorful stories and the storytelling photos.

maggie bought found at the magazine store before we went to stinson beach. she’ll finally get to read it when she meets us at the beach.

i love every issue of bust. it’s so eclectic.

and foam is one of my favorites too…always inspiring and pretty.

i’ve been keeping my eye on “homemade life” by orangette blogger molly wizenberg. now i’m finally going to immerse myself in it. yay.

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