New life in the backyard

It’s funny how summer can transform a backyard. Flowers that look like their hand-painted, leaves as rich as a Crayola crayons and a sun-soaking garden can bring such life to a space that seemed to dull and stagnant while it was engrossed with fog and rain during the winter. But now, it all feels new. Even the pools shines a different color blue (perhaps it’s just because we decided to use Chlorine?). I think the pooches enjoy being outside a little more, too. Enjoy the pics from an evening in the backyard.

Corn by the pool.

huge leaves.

purple husk.

chard. my mom likes to put this in her veggie smoothies.

these little pieces get in the pool and look like maggots. just saying.

new life.

baby watermelon. he’s already three times that size.

where we soak.

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One Response to New life in the backyard

  1. anwa says:

    These are beautiful… what kind of flowers are they, so I may maybe plant them myself one day?

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