Guns, dogs, breakfast in the mountains

we’ve been home from camping a week, and while i was glad to get home and soak in the shower, i wouldn’t mind waking up tomorrow to cool mountain air and the sound of critters running around outside my tent. the feeling of loose dirt caught between the bottoms of my feet and rubber flip-flops is not a distant memory, but cleanliness is something i’d be willing to sacrifice for a few more summer days of smelling pine trees, eating torched marshmallows and swimming in the lake.

last weekend, my entire family loaded into five cars and we made a caravan to lake alpine. it was full, so we made our way a few miles down the road to spicer meadows, which is equally pretty. here are a few photos from our little weekend. be sure to click on “keep reading” at the end to see more images.

also, have you been camping this summer? what’s your favorite spot?

Jon, my bro-in-law, is a Starbucks fanatic, and he made us iced Via with half-and-half and raw sugar every day.
I’ve since become addicted.

The dogs got a little car sick, and the altitude and heat didn’t help them. I think they still had fun though.

That’s turkey bacon, folks.

Camping breakfast is the best kind of breakfast.

Batter Blaster = hilarious.

My little sister’s new boyfriend has been teaching her to shoot.

Sara, the giant.

Wrong way!!!

That, my friends, is real bacon.

My lil’ bro, home from Florida. He’s gone to Afghanistan/Iraq  four times with the Air Force.

Stacy just chillin’.


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One Response to Guns, dogs, breakfast in the mountains

  1. jen howell says:

    I love the shot of the dogs going for a walk and LOVE the breakfast cooking shots! Yum!!

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