Kayaking at Spicer & Five Senses Monday

Hello, Monday.

I took an extra long weekend and hit the road with my mountain-bound family caravan, my  dog on a big pile of blankets in the back sat and the kayak strapped on top.

We had days full of camping and lake swimming and kayaking. Three of my favorite things.

After getting home with a layer of dirt on my lobster red skin, I raced for the shower and managed to upload just a few kayaking pictures from my point-and-shoot before passing out early. Very soon I’ll share the rest of the pics from our camping trip to Spicer Meadows.

Have a great week!

And here’s a quick Five Senses Monday:

Like swimming. And the start of today’s 95-degree high.

Campfires all around.

Chocolate smooshed between graham crackers and a toaster ‘mallow.

Sun flare through pine trees.

Lots of good songs that I forgot were on my iPod.

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6 Responses to Kayaking at Spicer & Five Senses Monday

  1. dario. l says:

    what fisheye attatchment do you have? cool photos! i did my first 5 senses monday last monday. haha

  2. Lauren says:

    Thanks, Dario. I call it my ghetto fisheye because actually a $10 fisheye attachment for my Holga. I just hold it up to my point-and-shoot camera lens (nope, it doesn’t even attatch). Definitely not fancy, but, hey, it’s fun and works OK.

  3. dario10 says:

    that works! i have a cheapo fisheye attatchment that i have used. Pics or on fb.

  4. Great shots! The lake looks so inviting.

  5. Nicole says:

    What amazing photos! Makes me want to kick my shoes off and dip my feet into that lake.

    I just have a little dinky point and shoot that I rarely use so I’m far from a photographer but I always enjoy your pics. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Miss L~
    Long time no hear…..they say 3rd x a charm…one more shot then I drift off into artland : ) Hope your heart is light and your soul is singing~
    One Artsy Chick

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