Bohemian collage art

i’m not much of the collage queen that i used be, but every now and then, when i get in that mood, i dig out my magazines and paper file and mod podge something. for laura’s birthday earlier this month, inspiration hit and i made her a collage that combined images that reminder me of her, as well as some of my own photos of her life. laura’s been wanting “lauren art” forever, but she’s such an amazing artist herself that i never know what to create for her that she couldn’t do better herself. finally i just decided to start something — and this is the outcome, from my heart.

this is the first time i have including my own pictures in collages. it’s interesting how life works because i started making collages when i was a teenager, and my favorite part was the search for the perfect image. even before i had an interest in photography, i always though about composition and color and the emotion of the images that i strategically placed in a collage. i was very aware of what the sun flare added to the image, or how that table was styled to look “un-styled,” or the difference in black and white tones. i’ve just kind of noticed a weird evolution of understanding and doing, a correlation between my favorite two art forms.

oh, and i also made this charm for her. it was an experiment, and probably the end to my second soldering iron.

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3 Responses to Bohemian collage art

  1. dario10 says:

    Love the collages! Im not one with patience with the glue stick and scissors!

  2. anwa says:

    This is such a beautiful collage! I’ve always wanted to make one, but I’m never quite sure how to begin.

  3. This is lovely. Collaging was like therapy for me when I was a teenager. Now I dabble in acrylic paint, but I’m just starting to get back into collage (incorporating it into my paintings). You’ve inspired me!

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