sparklers & 3-d glasses

Growing up, Fourth of July was my favorite holiday of the year. It meant days of wearing only swimsuits, going barefoot, listening to my dad’s classic rock, Hawaiian punch and orange popsicles, jet skiing, tubing, eating toasted marshmallows, napping on the deck of my cousin’s house that floated on the river and counting every part of the day as my favorite.

Even though this Fourth was spent inside a sparkly pool instead of a river, it had that same awesome summertime vibe. After long day of pool-partying and BBQ-ing with a bunch of friends and family, we hit the street at sundown to play with sparklers and light fireworks. I love that time of day as the sun is going down. It feels so fresh and relaxing when you feel all unwound and sun drenched.

The kids played with sparklers and everyone enjoyed the little fireworks from behind 3-D glasses. I played around with the camera, and kind of like the streaky bluriness.

With everything burned up, we went back inside and enjoyed some iced coffee with our whipped cream.

And then went for a night swim.
It was a pretty great Fourth. And I can say it officially feels like summer.

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7 Responses to sparklers & 3-d glasses

  1. These are great shots! Thanks for sharing your day. Interesting effects!

  2. dario.l says:

    nice photos! i dont know if you saw my light photos on fb. i waved a flashlight in front of the camera at super slow shutter speeds. I was in s.cruz for the 4th and i wanted to get some cool firework shots and my camera died that afternoon. even the new ones will fail on you.

  3. Love these shots!
    Your sense of tone is great!

  4. susanne Zook says:

    Looks like tons of fun. I wish I was there. Ours was the usual boring 4th. I just can’t get myself out of the house with the crowds. Poor Sheryl had to grow up with nothing on the 4th. I asked her what her and R did. Guess what?Nothing. Poor Ade and little Ardilla

  5. Daniela says:

    funky pictures!!
    looks like a groovy way of celebrating… (especially the cream-bit!!)

  6. Taylor says:

    Beautiful pictures, as always. We ate whipped cream out of the can too! 🙂

  7. jen howell says:

    Cool 3d fireworks.

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