Bees & the abandoned surgeon’s office

Hello, there. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I just got back from four days on the beach. I can’t wait to share the photos tomorrow, along with a day-late Five Senses Tuesday.

As I get back into the groove on this sleepy, slightly sunburnt Monday, I wanted to share some photos from a very eventful Thursday coffee run with my coworkers. Halfway through out stroll through Downtown Lodi, we realized bees were buzzing all around us. I ran — kind of skipped — and proceeded to watch my glasses fly and bounce three times on the sidewalk. Bad move. One of the arms cracked, though I’m thankful it wasn’t a lens.

After I analyzed my glasses, I looked up to see a man in a T-shirt and beekeeper’s mask poking his head out of the second story window where 6,000 bees were locked together in a huge, grotesque mass. Immediately, Maggie and Layla — who never cease to be on the job — grabbed the point-and-shoot camera and a notebook and, at the same time, yelled something about having a story. By that time, the beekeeper had come out of the old building and invited us up to get a closer look.

“Really,” we asked.

“Sure,” he said, and simply warned us to watch out for the dead pigeons littering the stairs and second story of the building.

So up we went, into an abandoned building that housed the former surgeon’s office where the bees were being lured with honey and water. There was a long lined with doors to rooms and offices. It made me a little sad because I saw so much potential in the building even as it was filthy with dead pigeons, feathers and a thick layer of white dust.

In the surgeons office that was empty except for a low-set sink, the beekeeper had a jar of honey set outside the window. He was trying to lure the bees and their queen so he could take her home with him. I was mad that I didn’t have my camera, but Maggie gave me her little Kodak because she was a little freaked out by the bees. Seeing the beekeeper seem so relaxed made me feel a little better about getting close. Pretty much his advice was to not freak out around the bees, so I just followed that rule.

A few minutes later, we were kicked out of the building by one of the business owners below. The beekeeper came seconds later with a bucket of bees that he dumped into an open box in the cab of his truck.

“You’re going to drive home like that,” we asked.

He smiled and said that he always does. He gets a kick out it when people take pictures of him while driving.

Here are a few pictures of our coffee run, which also included a taking pictures of our reflection in a truck, an awkward run-in with a boy and mint mocha.

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2 Responses to Bees & the abandoned surgeon’s office

  1. Taylor says:

    Beautiful photographs. I think bees are so facinating!

  2. paulasparadise says:

    Bees are amazing — great story!

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