five senses monday

hello, world. welcome to monday. i hope it’s going smoothly  and, if you’re in california, i hope you get to be in a pool or at least air conditioning. is it bad that i’m a little more motivated to pack my own lunch just so i don’t have to get in my car in middle of the day? whatever works, right?

alrighty, here is five senses monday, where i reflect on my weekend. you should give it a try too, either on your own blog or right here in my comments. peace out.

my new favorite mariachi singer, who played during the cutest little  outdoor 60th birthday party saturday.

the soothing powers of a cool pool at 11:30 at night, after an evening of wearing shoes that were surprisingly not the best choice.

a sweet 5-month-old put on a little swimsuit and have the first pool experience of her life.

sunday morning breakfast of leftover carrot birthday cake.

the tantalizing aroma of simmering, homemade spaghetti sauce (with roast!) my mom prepared for 75 people. can you say tease?

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One Response to five senses monday

  1. dario.l says:

    hey lauren,
    I was just curious, what camera did you end up buying???

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