Walking the Labyrinth

sometimes, i forget just what’s out there. do you know what i mean? i get caught up in what is my world: my circle of friends, my short commute, my regular markets, my target, my blogs, my work, my small-town feel, my view. i forget that life in my little circle is so different when i step out of it. this realization that i forget to think about hit me friday when laura, grant, val and i drove into san francisco. it’s a short drive; yet that strip of yellow fields and small towns separates us from an eclectic, cultural art project that is san francisco.

even just driving into the city, i felt both a sense of sadness and excitement. excitement because i remembered, and sadness because i forget about the bubble i sometimes stay in too long.

even though there is so much to take in and see in the city, things we have seen before that we want to see again, we still discovered a place neither of us had ever been: the labyrinth on a cliff looking over the ocean.

laura had read about the labyrinth. The circular rock maze was created by an artist who made several throughout the city, though the one we visited is supposedly the only one that doesn’t get destroyed. some people like to think positive thoughts and leave offerings at the center of the labyrinth, while others enjoy the art and the beauty of the location.

on friday, we were the only ones there.

for lunch, we ate at a delicious little vegeterian restaurant near UCSF, where we went after for laura’s appointment.

double power: iPad and iPhone at the same time! p.s. i’m kinda obsessed with the iPad now.

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7 Responses to Walking the Labyrinth

  1. natalie says:

    Beautiful!! And that restaurant looks yummy!! might have to go there after my appt on Friday….

    • Lauren says:

      yes, natalie, you should go there! if you do, get the german chocolate cake. laura says it’s amazing. i got the cupcake, which was amazing, but i regret not getting the cake : )

  2. jen howell says:

    what an awesome adventure… 🙂

  3. daan says:

    Wow that labyrinth is so beautiful!
    We walked our schoollabyrinth this Friday, for Midsummer!

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  5. Laurie Mills says:

    I love your photographs of she and Grant… they were truly a very magical couple, and I am so glad we all can look at these and see that even in her darkest moments she lived to the fullest! ❤

  6. I love the one photo of the woman spreading her arms out close to the camera and the labyrinth in behind her…what a beautiful experience. i love walking the labyrinth close to my home.

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