A beach bumming holiday

Sometimes, you just need a day at the beach. A day to be a beach bum. To sit on a blanket and have a picnic. A day to act like a curious kid again and search tide pools for hidden creatures.

We made ourselves comfy on the white sand of Bean Hollow, about 15 miles south of Half Moon Bay. We passed beaches that were busy and crowded, but we had patience until we found the cove-like beach we knew would eventually appear.

It was a great day that was both sunny and chilly and absolutely perfect.

Enjoy the photos from the day. I am so lucky and got to go to the ocean twice in one week. Soon I’ll post photos from today’s trip to San Francisco and a labyrinth on a cliff near the ocean. Have a great weekend.

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2 Responses to A beach bumming holiday

  1. leslie callan says:

    These are awesome Lauren! I especially love the shot of the legs in the water, and the picnic food.

  2. patissonne says:

    Seems like much fun! I agree, there’s nothing like a beach holiday 🙂

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