five senses monday

good morning, all. it’s one of those mondays, the kind where you run really late for work, forget the coffee on the counter and go outside to find your slow-leak tired needs a top-off. but, it’s all good (maybe because i went back for the coffee).

the weekend was really low-key. i had planned to go to a ports baseball game, but it was sold out. who knew? oh well, i wasn’t too bummed cus i heard people froze limbs off at the previous night’s game. instead, we stayed in a watched a movie (“push” was good). the weekend came to a close with my dad’s new favorite thing, beer can chicken. i’ll share those photos with you next. in the meantime, enjoy the cute face of kat, the lovable cat who adopted my dad and now lives in his garage and follows him around the garden like a little puppy.

oh, and it’s five senses monday. enjoy!


the onions sprouting like crazy from the ground.


one yummy country dinner: beer can chicken, corn, potatoes, fruit salad, rolls and asparagus. washed down with cream soda : )


anxious as i wait for new camera to arrive. please, please, please, man in the brown truck, drive fast!


overload of scents on afternoon stroll through bath & bodyworks. i believe summer vanilla is my favorite.


jody’s stories of her week in d.c. and new york city.

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4 Responses to five senses monday

  1. dario. l says:

    yay! what kind of camera did you order?

  2. patissonne says:

    I like your five senses Monday! And the cat is so adorable!

  3. anartsychick says:

    ooooo, new camera?! You go girl! I am giving in and going to get PhotoShop…ugh! Looks like beer can chicken for a month! Oh well beats beans and weenies.

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