five senses monday


All dizzy and sicky; my nose feels like it’s gonna bust open from too many tissue hugs.


Nothing. But on Friday during our pirate party I did smell baking brownies at 4 a.m. and then French toast and bacon a few hours later. It was great (that post will come soon).


Indian food — until that bite of jalepeno dressing that pretty much singed any chance of taste.


Aaaarggghh … the sound of bloody pirates yelling in my dreams.


The view from behind my sunglasses as the beautiful sun sticks around long enough for us to enjoy it.

I’ll be back soon, hopefully after a little nap and some OJ and pills. Loves.

these pics don't exactly go with the post, but they're fun...and i haven't showed them yet.

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2 Responses to five senses monday

  1. Maggie says:

    Cute, cute pics. Feel better, so we can hang out tomorrow without your sniffles!

  2. twoshoesx says:

    your blog is great.. i am glad i found it

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