Riding the longboard

Look at those faces! Love them! That’s my nephew, Joseph, and niece, Sophia. Together, they are crazy about my longboard. “Can we ride your skateboard now,” Sophia whispers every time she comes to visit. I feel so bad because she usually asks as soon as it gets dark or right after we’re ready to pass out on the couch after eating a huge meal. But the other day, I was hoping she’d ask. I wanted to ride, though I quickly realized I’ve kinda lost my groove, but it’ll come back as I spend more spring and summer nights rolling down the road.

The skateboard was handmade by my friend Zach when I was in college. It was fun because a few other friends got them too and we’d ride through Long Beach on our literally one-of-a-kind boards. I designed mine with a longboard surfboard as my inspiration. “A surfboard on wheels.” That’s what I wanted. That’s what I got. I don’t think Zach makes skateboards anymore, so it’s extra special that I got one. Enjoy these cute kids. I’m sure you’ll see more of these kids and this skateboard soon.

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4 Responses to Riding the longboard

  1. Maggie says:

    So cute! You are so lucky to have these lovely little ones in your life.

  2. Fenne says:

    so much atmosphere 🙂

  3. nbukrey says:

    I really like the second one down.. what lens was that taken with? Great Job!!!

  4. Rhuan Carlos says:

    Fotos muito criativas. ..

    Bom trabalho!

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