Five Senses Monday

The weekend was beautiful and sun-filled. I spent Saturday morning with Laura. We talked, ate homemade granola on her patio, started pretty necklaces and then played with the camera in the backyard.

The rest of the weekend was fun and relaxing, and included taking pictures of ourselves through the sunroof, quoting the British girl movie, “Angus, Thong and Perfect Snogging” and eating Rolos and Starbursts.

Here is today’s 5 Senses. I started it last week to reflect on the weekend. It’s fun, so leave your five senses in the comments if you would like.


Laura’s radiant beauty in a handful of pictures from our Saturday morning spent in her backyard under the bright sun.


Mexican gravy and cheese with tortilla chips from the local, super-sinful restaurant. I’m really happy I got to share it with a special out-of-town visitor and a friend.


The words, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one,” ringing through my brain after realizing God made me to be a dreamer. And that’s a good thing.


The strong aroma of fresh lemons. It’s a staple in my house.


Happy and cozy on a lazy Sunday afternoon while watching movies  as we kept a friend company during a bad date with food poisoning.

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One Response to Five Senses Monday

  1. Thanks for making me all teary eyed at work. You might not enjoy writing for work anymore, but this passage about Laura is amazing!
    And the pictures are beyond belief! She is so gorgeous, and I love how varied these photos are!

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