art in the garden & peanut butter on my toast

I love that Spring is here! Time for bare feet, T-shirts, fresh fruit smoothies and weekend trips to my favorite places. As you know, last weekend Maggie and I went to Locke (and 30 miles away on the Delta River) for our newspaper’s annual visitor’s guide. I love Locke and could spend weekend after weekend there.

One of my absolute favorite parts of Locke are the gardens that have been there for decades. Sadly, though, one of my favorite gardens, blogged about here, isn’t so much there anymore. It’s been “cleaned” up and has lost most of its funky charm as a shed has been torn down and the unique plants were pulled up. Sad face. Seriously.

However, near that little garden is a larger collection of gardens where resident Martha Esch has just planted some seeds and set up little art stations that she invites anyone to use. Martha is a local art teacher and owns the Tourist Trap (so many of the photos in my previous post are of her storefront). She also has a jam night, so Maggie and I have already decided we must go.

Enjoy these photos from the past weekend. We’re supposed to have another beautiful California weekend so you can be sure there will be more spring photos. Enjoy your weekend and get outside!

Connie King, one of the eldest members of Locke, has built this funky garden.

Go paint with Martha in the garden!

One of the most popular stops in Locke is Al’s Place, a steakhouse and bar. It’s been there forever. We stopped in to get some shots and talk to Richard, the owner, for the visitor’s guide.

He showed Maggie just how they tack all those dollar bills to the ceiling.

And then he gave us free Sprite and toast that we ate with staple tabletop items, peanut butter and marmalade. There’s something seriously awesome about their toast. It’s the same stuff they use on their best-ever burgers.

Then we ate our picnic on a baseball diamond in Isleton.

And Sara and Maggie played. Love.

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4 Responses to art in the garden & peanut butter on my toast

  1. cindy says:

    love both the Locke groups; they are crazy good. your photos so engage me. i didn’t realize your adventures began just a year ago. yay! to celebrating adventures and friendship.

    • Lauren says:

      thanks, cindy! yep, maggie and i have only been hanging out for a little over a year. i’m sure we hung out before the camera arrived in our lives, but not like we do now. we’re pretty excited about summer adventures — and visiting you soon!

  2. Andrew says:

    Ohhh, when you stopped in Al’s it was for “photo” shots. I see. I had assumed the other kind of “shot” you take in a bar. I was going to say, the ladies are partying!

  3. martha esch says:

    hi ladies,
    many thanks for your interest in locke and our visit in my garden last springtime. please come back again soon! call me and come visit my new jam house in locke.

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