Behind Sacramento’s orange curtain

As I mentioned in my last post, this past weekend was super busy and super fun. Saturday morning I met my former college roommate, Debra, for coffee in Sacramento. She lives in San Diego — soon to be living in New Jersey, but was visiting her childhood stomping grounds for her big brother’s wedding. I didn’t take any pictures because I already felt weird about the guy on his laptop listening to us talk about everything from college gossip to the thick Jersey accents her future babies are destined to pick up.

So when it was time to meet the other bridesmaids for a nail session, we said our goodbyes on the wooden patio outside Pete’s Coffee and promised to be a little better about keeping in contact through revolutionary things, like Facebook. Here’s hoping that there’s a New Jersey photo trip somewhere in my future.

It was only around noon — and I was hungry. I met Maggie at her apartment a few blocks away and we we headed out with with our cameras and feet pointed toward thrift stores and food. Here are few photos of our day’s walk around the city. The highlight of the day was the orange curtain of a dressing room in a thrift store where there were lots of cute summer dresses  (though none of them ended up meeting Maggie’s approval).

That’s the governor’s mansion. Didn’t even realize it.

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3 Responses to Behind Sacramento’s orange curtain

  1. Love the midtown pics! So great!

  2. Maggie says:

    These are pretty, pretty. They really capture what I truly love about Sacramento; the old homes with beautiful porches, the lovely landscaping and the really old businesses, like the Desert Motel (that can be a bit sketchy but inviting at the same time.)
    Also, I love that you tagged curtain because it really made the dressing room pics.

  3. Maggie's mom says:

    Love this blog! Love the pics!

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