countless frames of beauty and youth

i was going to come on here and talk about how under the weather i’ve been and share the few photos i’ve had the energy to take all week. but then, i became inspired by these anything but under-the-weather short films (really short, like seconds, mostly) and i can’t resist sharing them. i’m not normally a video kinda gal. mainly it slows down my computer. and i don’t really know how to search youtube for stuff i like. but in the past weeks, i’ve come across a few that make me wanna start a new hobby (no, i can’t afford it! perhaps i can learn for work?). i’ve already made my desire known on facebook and have requested the help of a few  friends who are more gifted in the motion picture area than i.

today i’m showing you stop-motion films, which i don’t completely understand yet, but if i’m right, it’s actually a whole bunch of connected frames to give the illusion of movement. it’s a pretty basic concept, but i’m wowwed by it (maybe it’s the meds i’m on for a sinus infection? not sure).

so here we go. the first is a beautifully whimsical film by angela kohler, the woman behind the cool kindle commercial and makes you want one even though you really don’t.


and olivia bee. she’s a teenager who takes photos that exude youth. i think we’ll probably be seeing her around quite often. check out her flickr for more of her stop-motion videos.

and because i just can’t resist, here’s that kindle film by kohler:

now doesn’t that make you want to go outside and take some pictures?

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One Response to countless frames of beauty and youth

  1. Meghan E. Halloran says:

    Thanks for sharing these fun videos! Stop motion animation is a lot of fun to play around with. I was lucky enough to have a high school art teacher who taught me the basics. You can use Adobe Image ready to do some pretty cool stuff. Have fun playing!

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