My gentle Avatar dog

I love my dogs so much. I am that person who, when people talk about their children, talks about her dogs. As I write, ChaCha, the eldest and smallest, is laying in bed right next to me and snoring her little head off. Sweet dreams, little one. If life flowed the way I think I want it to, I would stay home so much more with my three pooches, and I’d have an entire dog rescue farm. There would be no sad kennels or cold nights outside. They would each sleep inside on their own fluffy beds and, like I said, if it were my way, there’d be a fire going all night long.

But I digress. I shot these few photos of my two-year-old Great Dane, Ebony, Ebby for short, a few weeks ago. She’s the hardest dog ever to photograph because she won’t stay still — unless she’s on my bed. My bed is her sanctuary, her comfort, her space. So much so that we have to limit her time there because she loves it too much, and tries to keep Sara and ChaCha, and sometimes even me, off.

Sweet Ebony, our gentle Avatar-looking dog.

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6 Responses to My gentle Avatar dog

  1. Jen Howell says:

    Ebby has the most soulful eyes…

  2. She’s a lovely lovely dog.
    I’m with you about the dog love!

  3. joniphippin says:

    I know what you mean. I have two dogs and one son . There are loads of pictures of my dogs in my phone which i whip out at every opportunity. one of my son.
    I am lucky as I work from home….

  4. Maggie says:

    Wow, she looks really peaceful there. She must have really been sleepy! I love your dogs and your love of your dogs.

  5. Stefani Gonzales says:

    Lauren…your pictures are awesome…your writing is awesome…you are awesome. We are so much alike it’s crazy. I love thrift stores and crazy little towns and kayaking and when I read that you wanted a dog sanctuary I almost had a heartattack. I do too! And the hippie-ness, we definitely both have that in common.

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