A collage calendar made just for me

Last week I blogged about an art piece made for me by a special friend, and now I want to share something else: A  calendar homemade by my super awesome sister-in-law, Stacy. I feel so blessed to have so many great friends and family who continually inspire me with new forms of art.

It’s amazing how well some people know me, too. Stacy’s calendar is completely “me.” I love the cover collage she made that incorporates so many things I love: paper lanterns, flip-flops, Polaroids, Volkswagen, hippies, guitars and photography. I feel so honored to be the recipient of one of these calendars. I know she spent the year uncovering her crafty side, and it makes me so happy that she’s SO in love with it that she’s already started on next year’s calendars.

Each month is uniquely designed. I love January, with snow and a cute little snow man.

Aren’t these adorable and festive?!

I love this summery image. She’s so smart and used sandpaper for the sand.

There’s something about the month of September that I love so much. I think it’s the “E.T.” lunch pail. It’s so freaking cute and raised off the page.

Thanks, Stacy. I love my calendar every day!

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