Bliss and camera people

This is something very special to me that I’ve been waiting weeks and weeks to show. Even though I look at it every day and want to photograph it, I made myself wait until I was home and there was enough daylight to shoot it.

My friend and beaucoup fab artist Cindy DeLuz made this for me. I love looking at it, and I always find something new. I even noticed new details when I was going through the photos to upload here.

There are so many things in this piece that are SO ME. Everyone who looks at it agrees. It’s so awesome to me because we hadn’t even known each other very long before she gathered each of these Lauren-esque images and colors and sayings and put it all together under scented bee’s wax. It’s one of my favorite possessions, and I will love it forever and ever.

Cindy does all sorts of art. She’s an awesome painter, and the one who taught me to solder. Though she’s always been creative, her life changed creatively when she found out she has Parkinson’s Disease a couple years ago. Now, she uses her art to tell her story and help so many people. She is truly inspirational in so many ways. Thank you, Cindy, for EVERYTHING.

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One Response to Bliss and camera people

  1. anartsychick says:

    LOL! (Not laugh out loud…but Lauren of Light) I love you darlin! You are one of those unique and beautiful souls that a person is touched by once in a blue moon….so glad God knew we were meant to be special friends. Thank you for making my heART smile and for continually amazing and inspring me. Keep shining bright!
    Hugs~ an artsy chick

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