A musical Valentine’s

I don’t think I’ve ever actually celebrated Valentine’s Day. So it was super fun to have an un-Valentine’s Day dinner with a bunch of “kinda” single friends and one married couple who loves them some singletons. Grant hand-tossed whole wheat and herb dough for a variety of pizzas. Laura made lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and toasted pink coconut. Maggie made a salad with gorgeous-colored radishes. Val made her 11-layer bead dip. And I made an attempt at making some stuffed mushrooms (note to self: over stuffing is not always better).

The food was all great. The company and conversation was awesome. We even forgot all about pinata bashing (that’s a “Valentine’s Day” movie reference) and ranting about past loves.

After dinner, we did a tasting of Mark’s homemade mead, a.k.a. honey wine. He sells his honey in local health food stores and has now started creating his own wine, including Old Stumble and Ancient Orange. My favorite is the Old Stumble. I don’t know how to describe wine or its complexities, but it’s sweet and has a comforting honey flavor. The other, Ancient Orange, is a bit spicier, but still sweet and smooth. I don’t even like wine, but this was like candy in liquid form.

After dinner, we gathered in Grant and Laura’s cozy living room and watched a DVD from their trip to Costa Rica before a little pow-wow.

(look! laura is displaying my photos in her home. Yay!)

Mark broke out the banjo, while Mia and Grant joined in with their guitars. It has really inspired me to pull out my guitar and learn at least one song.

Mia and Val both brought tambourines, but I think Val takes them wherever she goes.

Throughout the evening, there were several “interesting” instruments. Aside from Grant’s accordion and harmonica, Mark rocked the kazoo and played simultaneously with the banjo. Pure talent.

Bindi is so cool.

Mia’s pretty awesome musically — though I don’t think she knows it yet — and I can’t wait until she gives us a solo show at our upcoming girl’s weekend at the beach.

It was a great night, and the best Valentine’s ever.

And thanks Maggie for my “Harold and Maude” inspired Valentine. Heart.

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One Response to A musical Valentine’s

  1. Lauren!!! These are all so awesome. This and the wedding photos you posted are really lovely.
    You really captured the music session, and the food pictures are so vibrant and vivid.
    Ahhh… that was all so much fun. We must do it again soon.

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