In that moment

Happy Tuesday, everyone! As you know from my last post, I helped Jen shoot a wedding at the Clift in San Francisco this past weekend. The bride and groom were darlings and so were all of their super fun and friendly guests and family. And the wedding and ceremony were both fantastic, too. I’m on writing deadline tonight, so I’m doing all I can to not allow myself to edit photos, but I wanted to offer some kind of preview from the evening (even though when Jen did a tease I told her the karma police were going to get her because it’s just not cool to post one photo…so, I’m sorry). But Jen’s been a busy been and has a whole bunch of wonderful photos posted, so visit her on her blog at NewVintage Photography. Don’t forget to say hello; and tell her I sent you : )

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One Response to In that moment

  1. leslie callan says:

    I wish I had the self control to put my priorities in line and not edit photos when I have something more important to do! Can’t wait to see what you shot 🙂

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