Beads, metal and color

I just finished up what I think might be my favorite soldered charm yet. Instead of using photos, I used a portion of one of my favorite paintings in the Papaya series. I cut the image from an old calendar.

I wore the necklace today. It hung long like this, but was on a different chain. Tonight, I messed around with some chains and beads and wire to add some matching color throughout. But what do you think? I’m not sure I like it. I’m thinking maybe I should stick to a ball chain or something simple. The beads a) remind me of a rosary, and b) seem to take away from the beauty of the image with their too-playful, too-loud presence.

I’m not a huge fan of clear beads, but I thought they’d be fun on this project. I’m interested to know what you think. I’ll wear it a couple of days and see if it grows on me or if any improvement ideas are sparked.

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6 Responses to Beads, metal and color

  1. cindy says:

    Really? I LOVE it! I’m surprised to see you say that. The print is so so beautiful that I don’t find the beads at all distracting, but complimentary. A ball chain will undoubtedly work too, but maybe look more casual. Bravo. Pretty pretty artiste’!

    • Nelson says:

      Oh good, Cindy. I’m glad you like it. It’s kind of confirmation that it’s cool and not grandma-esque, in a bad way. LOL. How are you? Maggie and I were just saying yesterday that we need to make a trip to visit you and your lovely shop. We’ll let you know!

  2. little lotus says:

    That is seriously beautiful 🙂 I would wear that without a doubt 🙂

  3. Andrewbun says:

    Just stumbled upon your’s (and Charlie’s) blogs today, found you through (People Pets)
    Love it, Love it!!

  4. Tove says:

    Oh, God! What a BEAUTIFUL neckless. How do I get u to do one for me? 😛

  5. anartsychick says:

    Love it! I want one! We need to talk biz for you…you got’s talent!

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