Soldering Saturday

I’m so excited to post about my new favorite thing: soldering (pronounced “saughtering,” because everyone always wonders what I mean when I write “soldering”). I’ve been admiring these little pieces for a very long time, but never imagined I could ever make them. I always thought I’d need a work shed and a huge blow torch or welding machine like my dad uses to make things like wrought iron gates. But, thank God, it’s so not the case.

My friend Cindy, who turns anything she touches into artistic heaven, taught me to solder two weekends ago. It was so much fun. I left her cute little art studio with a new necklace with two of my photos in it. Sure, it was little rough and jagged, but I was still proud.

This past weekend, Maggie wanted in on the action, so we set up shop and made some charms. She made a few charms with some of my photos and with photos for her college friends. One of my favorites has black and white pictures of Pippi Longstocking, my childhood hero. Another one I like a lot is a picture of a girl under an afghan. It’s a photo I found on flickr and have always loved. On the back, the image is cropped a little differently and says “sometimes you need that.” We’re still getting a hang of the whole process, and the charms are by no way perfect, but our finished products still made us get all giddy and excited.

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7 Responses to Soldering Saturday

  1. Maggie says:

    I love the collection of all of them at the top! It makes me feel like we accomplished a lot.
    I can’t believe what a fun activity it is. Can’t wait to get some chains and beads to put our pretty necklaces on!

  2. orangemi says:

    wow! it’s great! i love ur idea ! i hope u’ll achieve giddy success .

  3. Andrew says:

    Soldering is cool, but I really love your photos. You have a wonderful touch with the lens!

  4. Marcela says:

    Beautiful work and idea!

  5. anartsychick says:

    You are Maggie are soldering rock stars! Can’t wait to see what you two come up with next!

  6. Becca says:

    Oh my gosh! Those are amazing. Can you teach me to do it? I think it’d be cool to make fridge magnets that way too…

    • Nelson says:

      I will totally teach you! How’s it feel to be back. I’m sure you don’t miss Istanbul at all. Not one bit. And, did you know, I’m totally jealous!

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