dear twentyten…

We’re only a week into twentyten, but doesn’t it feel like it’s blowing away? I know the days do. I wake up with so many goals in my head and checklists started, but it’s as though the sun rises and sets before I have a chance to say hello or goodbye or do any of the things that I was so excited in the first minutes of waking.

I also realized today that we’re a week into the year, and I haven’t even typed up a yearly list of things I will accomplish. Last year, my list was nearly 100 items long. I checked some off, some I’m still working on, some don’t matter because I changed my mind.

For now, Mr. Twentyten, I’m counting on you to be pretty amazing. I want changes. The good kind that you need once in a while. I want to learn new things, like how to make apple pie and to be that kind of person who glides through life laughing at everyday stresses. As my friends and I discussed this week, I’d be plenty happy moving to Minnesota and living in the woods with a lumberjack/candlestick maker who bakes me fresh bread every Sunday. I’m not picky.

But here are a few of my other specifics, because those are kind of important, too:
— I want to visit my cousins in Seattle.
— I want to explore photography more, including weddings (I opened 2010 by photographing a wedding of two people who really love each other, which I’m hoping to blog next week).
— I want to find a home that is all my own (well, mine and my dog’s and all my books and craft supplies and tapestries and candles and pink flamingos).
— I want take back time that is mine to be quiet and write and read and pray and think.
— I will conquer the StairMaster, and the scary trainer’s mixed martial arts class that he keeps bugging me about (uh oh, it’s in writing now).
— I will pay off two annoying pieces of debt (which I’m doing tomorrow — hooray).
— I want to go to Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco.

I’m both scared and excited about this year. I think we’re going to find comforts and have wakeup calls, but it’ll be good.

Now, enjoy a few Polaroid SX-70-inspired photos from a market in San Francisco.

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4 Responses to dear twentyten…

  1. slamdunk says:

    Sounds like a good plan for 2010. Those martial arts/mixed martial arts leaders can be scary–I know the feeling.

  2. cindy says:

    You have the most beautiful spirit and I love its washing over me.

  3. Maggie Creamer says:

    Love, those are pretty good goals. I will for sure join you in taking more pictures, laughing at everyday stress (let’s inspire each other) and going to that super scary martial arts class. Also, you know I’m in for the Renegade Craft Fair, and I’ll one up that goal in saying we should find more fun, cheap things, creative activities like that craft fair to keep us busy in the new year. Oh, and more magnetic dolls 🙂

  4. anartsychick says:

    What a lovely post, you are a very eloquent writer…it’s like listening to you speak. Bravo!
    Hope to see you on Saturday for artsy fun…miss you.

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