My year in review: The first few months

The big holiday is over and now we’re looking forward to a new year. I’m procrastinating on making my new list of goals, so I thought I’d have some fun and look back to my favorite photos and events of 2009. I didn’t blog much in January, so these are pretty much my favorites from February through April. It seems like I’ve had my digital SLR forever, but I really didn’t get it until April of this year. It’s fun to see the things I was excited about and how events played out. In the four days until New Year’s, I will post more blog favorites from the rest of the year. Have you looked back to see what you’ve done/accomplished this year?

This is where I was trying to channel photographer Stephen Shore, one of the first photographers I ever saw photograph food with an interesting twist. I made this collage of barbecued burgers my dad made, and was so proud of my new pink burger baskets. It was also while taking these photos that I realize people will stare at you and mock you for taking pictures of your food. And that's the day I decided I wouldn't let it bother me.

After two-and-a-half years of being out of college, I started taking classes toward my masters degree in creative writing. It was a big, exciting undertaking. My weekends turned into hours of homework while sitting at a cluttered desk. I realized I missed being a student, but I also missed my free-time at the end of a long work day. So while school is once again on hold, I know I will do it one day, and it won't be as hard as I always imagined.

My bestest friend Sheryl and her daughter Ade came to visit me in February. We rode BART to Berkeley for the first time.

Sheryl gave me vials upon vials of tiny beads from her grandmother. They're still one of my most-prized possessions.

This is the year I made friends with Maggie, my friend who makes me laugh during the week from the cubicle behind me and in the seat next to me as we take weekend adventures. One of the first daytrips we took was to the river town of Locke, where we explored a little semi-abandoned garden and the shed inside.

Laura and Grant has one of the best backyards EVER, and this year, they invited my dog Sara and I over many times. Each time is great and relaxing, and I am definitely looking forward to more backyard evenings in 2010.

The Crest Theater in Sacramento. I like the idea that a portal can do that.

While walking from Maggie's apartment in midtown Sac, we saw this image. Isn't is awesome? This is before we saw the crackhead with a snake that bit him when I took its photo.

Ah yes, the first kayak trip of the year on the Mokelumne River. Even though she had a sushi hangover, Maggie was a trooper.

Mom's fruit basket cake. 'Nuf said.

My niece Sophia Loren is growing up FAST. She let me test out my new camera on her.

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2 Responses to My year in review: The first few months

  1. I love your photos and your view on your life. Your youthful charm helps me travel back in time to my twenties (oh such a long time ago). Thank you and Happy New Year.

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