Just a little Sunday list

Today, I declare that every person get paid days off for those times when you just need a weekend from your weekend. Sunday’s almost over and I’m finally getting in that homebody time that is so crucial to my functionality during the week. I’m hoping that a nighttime mocha, new magazine and eggnog Ghirardelli chocolate  does the trick. Just to be sure, “Mermaids” is playing in the background. You can’t really go wrong with Cher, Winona and Christina (Ricci, that is).

Here’s other stuff that I’m pretty positive will get anyone out of a funk:

boho magazine, the winter issue. I just devoured it. I love all the fonts and that recycled paper it’s printed on.

– Reading it also reminded of Boho Photography (above) by Denise Lynnette Andrade. I love the feeling of her photos and I enjoy reading her blog, where she writes about her own life and life with her adopted boho baby.

– Julie & Julia. It comes out Tuesday on DVD. I’m so excited because I missed it in theaters.

– I really, really want this and it’s getting hard to resist it.

– Today I got the Papaya Art catalog and it’s the definition of beauty. Someone could have wrapped that up and given it to me a Christmas present and I would have been THRILLED. It’s so colorful and thick and  there are so many products. Plus, there’s a coupon.

– Nothing makes me smile like these photos by my friend Jen. I just can’t stop looking at them.

– I’m in love with the pink lights on our Christmas tree, though my mom swears they’re red.

Caffeine is kicking in now, so I’m off to make or clean or read something. Have a wonderful week.

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2 Responses to Just a little Sunday list

  1. Great post, thanks. I think weekends should be three days because Saturday is always spent running around and getting errands done and I want two relaxing days. I don’t think it is too much to ask.

  2. anartsychick says:

    ahhh. i can sleep well tonight. magical words with matching fotos works just as good as your ghiradelli hot beverage.

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