You’re on a Santa cruise?

Haha. I can’t help but laugh out loud as I sit here all by myself. While in Santa Cruz on Saturday, Maggie’s Missourian friend called and, when she told him where she was, he mistook it for a Santa-themed cruise. That would have been so awesome and festive, but I kind of actually really enjoyed the real Santa Cruz — and there’s no way I would have traded the day in for a boat full of Speedo-clad Santas. How duya like that for a visual? Here are a couple of shots to take your mind off that image. Enjoy — and talk to me! Pretty please?

The day started with lunch at Saturn Cafe, a space-age vegeterian diner near Downtown SC. It’s pretty funky, and under the glass on every tabletop is a collection of weird things like a Marilyn Monroe shrine. At our table this weekend was a bunch of plastic toys.

We had sandwiches and mimosas. Yay. Oh, I had the F.L.T. — fakin’ bacon, lettuce and tomato on sourdough. Yes, it really was good. No joke.

While Maggie tried on summer dresses, I shot the dressing room door because it’s cool.

Speaking of Marilyn:



Hooray for taiko and men who read (at least they exist in illustrations (just kidding, guys))!

love this little flower stand.

have a great night, everyone. i’m off to finish up a story for work and then watch tv ’til too late.

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8 Responses to You’re on a Santa cruise?

  1. nbukrey says:

    I’ll bite.. really like your photos. What are you shooting with? That sandwich looks YUMMY! How are you achieving your vintage look… PS?

    • Nelson says:

      Yay — thanks for reading! I shoot with a Canon 10D and play around with different actions, like Totally Rad Actions.

  2. I LOVE Santa Cruz. I can’t wait to return, but it is a little more than a day trip for me. I’d need three days to get there and three to get back and at least three to spend in Santa Cruz…..sounds like I’m planning my next trip.

  3. nbukrey says:

    No problem! Feel free to check out my blog if you have time. 😉

  4. Mary says:

    I just found your blog yesterday and I am totally loving it. Your photography is great. I LOVE Santa Cruz and go there often (my sister lives there, right by the harbor. Ever been to the Harbor Cafe?! It’s my favorite for breakfast and mimosa’s on the weekend.)

  5. anartsychick says:

    Magic happens when the lady of light gets behind the lens. Your blog is my instant “I suddenly feel wonderful” fix. Thanks for bleesing us all with your images of splendor. One word for your photos/words….aaaaaah.

  6. I love the Saturn Cafe, and these pictures are great! The Guybrarian shirt and the socks on the clothesline are too cute.

  7. Maggie's mom says:

    What a great trip! All you needed to make it even MORE fun was for Maggie’s mom to be there!!

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