Winter in the city

Tonight, I experienced a little winter magic in Midtown. It was unexpected and beautiful. And even though the ice is artificial and the icicles shining in the trees are on strands plugged into a power cord, it gave a little taste of wintertime perfection. Fathers balanced on thin blades as they held tightly onto their babies and promised not to let them fall. Teenagers on first dates held hands a little tighter than normal. A everyone dressed in furry jackets and knitted hats smiled, even as they hit the ground.

After a very, very full day thrift store shopping in Sacramento, Maggie and I found ourselves venturing back to one of our favorite places: Newsbeat, a magazine shop somewhere around 20th and J streets, where we also stopped to watch people glide around the rink. Maggie, who is from Missouri and has actually lived through real winters with snow, noted that tonight was the first night she’d every seen someone ice skating in a T-shirt. That’s California, and you gotta love it.

It was the perfect opportunity to practice photographing movement in the dark, something I’ve been trying to figure out — and can’t. Tonight, I guess a lot of my attempts were failures, but I kinda like the ones that are blurry and out of focus best. Let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to Winter in the city

  1. It looks so beautiful and magical. My town has put up the Christmas lights an decorations and I think it is too early. I like how this looks wintery but not Christmasy. You are further south than I am. What are the temperatures like? We are still above zero in the day and might hit zero overnight. No ice or snow except in the mountains.

  2. Cindy says:

    Lauren, I love your photos; they evoke content. Happy holidays. ps which thrift store has the deer mounted?

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