Faux Thai pasta salad

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged any food, so I thought, why not tonight? It’s kind of funny to see this light and fresh dish, but to keep smelling holiday stuffing I’m  baking for the newsroom’s Thanksgiving potluck tomorrow (as soon as I pull that out and wash the dried egg/bread off my forehead, I’ll post that too).

So, this is kind of a Thai pasta dish I made in an attempt to recreate the Spicy Thai chicken salad from Trader Joe’s. I think I got it mostly right, except for the Thai sauce. The one I made (with lite coconut milk and a package) was way more peanut tasting than spicy, but still OK (not great).

I cooked cappellini pasta, cut some strips of a red bell pepper, chopped fresh cilantro, diced some green onion and shredded some cooked chicken. Then I tossed it all in a bowl with the sauce. I say make a sauce you like or even just buy one from a jar. I liked it because it was nice and fresh — and pasta is just good, no matter if it’s in an Italian or faux-Thai dish.

Off to check the stuffing….I love the smell of Thanksgiving, though it still seems soooo far away!

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