And now: The (other) intrepid ones

I like to think that I can be intrepid when I try. I grew up in the sticks. I own hiking boots (or did I throw those away?). I really want the four-door Jeep. I have a dog who kayaks. And hello, y’all saw that I went camping just about every weekend in August. So I don’t understand why, when my co-worker and weekend buddy and I go explore, we always end up fumbling along a river or climbing a dirt hill wearing sandals or ballet flats. Perhaps our ability to actually do that makes us even more intrepid.

So after an afternoon of enjoying scones and antique shopping in the city of roosters, we walked down Bridge Street and found, well, a bridge (and a dock I’ll be keeping in mind for next summer). We even let Sara off the leash and she was oh-so-brave standing at the edge of the cliff, trying to figure out just how to get to the bottom.

Here are the nature photos that make me feel like I’m my grandpa taking hundreds of shots of the same ol’ pretty flower. Hope you enjoy.


A walking bridge over the American River near Fair Oaks.


I love the cliffs (that we later walked along) and all the different trees and the water. Love water.


View from the edge.


I thought this tree was so cool, half of its roots are growing in mid-air. There was a couple sitting on a blanket right under it with bongos and books.


Did you know rats live in Palm Trees? When I lived in Long Beach, I thought the palm trees on my street were so cool — until I learned that. But now I love them again.


The sweet smell of freedom, thinks the intrepid dog.

Thanks for reading! Next up: Sunday at the flea market.

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