Scream-o for Mario


Last night, while the grownups were downstairs, my niece and nephew and I had a little Mario party of our own upstairs. I bought this awesome game off of a street vendor in LA’s Fashion District, and it’s just a controllers with  games like the old, old, old school Mario and Tetris built inside. It’s so awesome!

Well the kids really got into it. But Sophia would shriek every time she’d run Mario into a little turtle or send him falling through the hole in the ground. And Joseph, being Sophia’s mini-me, copied her and yelled every time. It was hilarious! He looks so mad in some of these pictures, but he was just being super goofy … and now he knows how to “get du flower lowen!”









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One Response to Scream-o for Mario

  1. Maggie Creamer says:

    What cute kids! I bet they were shrieking a lot if they play Mario like I do.

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