Lovin’ The Silver Bullet

Hello little blogosphere. It’s been a busy, busy week that has included making food for a work potluck, getting into the ropes of a new Zumba class, and, unfortunately, not taking too many pictures. This weekend, though, I promise to shoot, even if I have to be the creepy girl on the street shooting young tricker treaters (shooting them with a camera, of course).

Anyway, I’ve been looking for a new decal for my car because my pink daisy is fading fast after soaking up so much of the summer sun. I’ve been looking for a decal of an Airstream or vintage camper because they just make me so happy — and I love to camp and be on the road!

I haven’t found the perfect decal yet, but I found some other awesomeness on etsy. Check them out. I AM going to buy one of these necklaces, just haven’t decided yet. Don’t forget to click on images and show some love to the artists. Happy daydreaming!

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One Response to Lovin’ The Silver Bullet

  1. Daan says:


    Happy camping, then!!

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