Me, myself and a garage sale

Somehow, I’ve ended up running my family’s garage sale this weekend — all alone. Well, OK, not alone. Three other houses on the block decided to have sales when they heard my parents were planning one. But now, my parents have had work issues come up and I’m the only one left to set up and, as I’ve been told, take no less than $70 for the Jack Lalanne juicer that comes with the receipt proving there’s still a warranty. I can’t wait. I’m the one who always sells everything for 25 cents and refuses to put up a fight.


1. "This is Just A Garage Sale." 2. "Garage Sale." 3. "Awesome Garage Sale Weekend." 4. "Garage Sale."

So with my lack of enthusiasm, I went to Flickr, where I always go for inspiration. I was hoping to get excited about waking up early Saturday and selling my beloved books for pennies, but instead it just made me want to shop for more stuff.

After a summer of too much spending and a road trip, that in the end, provided a lesson on my bank’s horrid (and pretty much non-existent) overdraft protection, I am hoping to make a few bucks this weekend. This evening I dug through my boxes of books that I hope to one day give a home and pulled out a few I don’t think I’ll ever get to or read again. In the “for sale” pile, there are some I really don’t want to part with, and I’m determined hold on to them unless I can get the top g-sale price — or unless someone comes along who really wants it, genuinely.

I’m also pretty stokes about some other finds — and things I made my dad donate to the cause — like a milkshake maker, espresso machine, tiny little knickknacks from my childhood, ’80s wallpaper (courtesy of my father) and VHS movies from Studio 54 to White Oleander. Also while going through my storage bedroom at my dad’s, I found some stuff I don’t know how I’ve been living without: “Harold & Maude,” “Mario Brothers” (the very, very original, awesome one) and my John Steinbeck collection (oh, and “Sex and the City,” Season 2, which I thought I’d lost).

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2 Responses to Me, myself and a garage sale

  1. Des says:

    No one should live without Harold & Maude! I’m glad you reunited with them. I was going through some old stuff a while back and found my first record player…and my “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” record. Sigh*

  2. Maggie Cremaer says:

    I cannot wait to play Mario with you. Ditto Des’ comment on Harold and Maude.

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