I’m back — and I didn’t buy the Scrunchie


Ugh, what is American Apparel thinking? Scrunchies, really? And for $6? Thanks Des for letting me use your iPhone to capture these horrid things.

Hi, everyone — I’m back, and excited! I’ve been having a great few weeks traveling up and down the state, exploring the nooks of downtown San Jose, the Muni and clam chowder in San Francisco, yummy food in Old Town Orange and even the rolling hills of Temecula wine country. I have lots to update you on, and I will post photos as I get caught up on other like Netflix, library books and laundry.

However, I just want to tell you that I refuse to be trendy if it involves wearing Scrunchies, those horrid bunches of neon fabric that are in every one of my childhood photos. While in Huntington Beach Sunday, I wandered into the too-cool-for-moi store, American Apparel, and discovered the Scrunchie is making a comeback, or at least it probably will because the designers over there at AA think it should. Carrie Bradshaw would be so ashamed (Oh no! She better not be wearing a Scrunchie in the next “Sex And The City Movie!”). I just can’t help but think of that scene where she and Burger are at a bar and they encounter a woman with a Scrunchie. Que Horrible! Please don’t do it. No-pull hair ties are so much better.


So there’s my rant, now I’ll start working on the photos for my trip. Don’t forget to check back. Much love and happy Monday.

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