Clam Chowder and A Boat Graveyard


Being at the beach for a month gave me an enormous craving for clam chowder. Last weekend, when we went for a drive to Tamales Bay, we stopped at a little restaurant shack on the water and bought $27 worth of clam chowder to take back to camp. It was yummy, especially since the was overcast and moist. We soaked it up with chunks of sourdough. Beside Yummy Chowder was a yard filled with all kinds of old and busted boats. So cool.









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3 Responses to Clam Chowder and A Boat Graveyard

  1. Jen Howell says:

    Love the textures and soft colors…

  2. Flower Boy says:

    Looking at these pics you can almost taste the salt in the sea air. Oh Yeah, Clam Chowder! I want!!!

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