A photographer and a journalist, a love story


It’s the stuff movies are made of. A journalist and reporter in love.  I see Julia Roberts starring as a sexy, bad ass photographer and Hugh Grant as the nerdy journalist (Forgive me, Hugh is on the mind because I spent my afternoon watching “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” and maybe that’s why I’m also channeling “Notting Hill”.)

Anyway, like in the movies, Brian and Natalie fell in love during their commute work, on rock climbing trips and probably on assignments together. And then, last month, they married in a garden of roses in  a corner of Sacramento I’d never been.


I tagged along to photograph the extremely intimate wedding that included maybe 10 people. It was done in Brian and Natalie style: Nat in white sundress and Brian in jeans and flip-flops. The rest of us, too, were in jeans or flip-flops or pink cowgirl boots. We walked through several neighborhoods to get to the rose garden and rain drops started falling though the air was still warm.



Natalie’s former journalism professor and friend Timmie officiated over the ceremony. It was the definition of short and sweet. There were meaningful words, a few tears, smiles, raindrops, cheesy posed pictures and lots of kisses.












Congratulations Brian and Natalie. I love you both and hope you never stop dreaming of bigger adventures.

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One Response to A photographer and a journalist, a love story

  1. Becca Adler says:

    Aw, these pictures turned out great. I can’t believe how quick that was!

    P.S. I can’t believe you’d never been to McKinley Park before! It’s a great place for taking photos and for jogging. It’s my favorite running path in the city. 🙂

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