Pixie Deli — Aptos, Calif.


Earlier this week, I announced on Facebook that I want to open a burrito hut that encompasses many other things, like a skating rink and art gallery on the beach. Partly what I had in mind was the Pixie Deli, a small eatery that has stuffed burritos, sandwiches and gigantic quesadillas filled with chicken, olives, cheese and I don’t even know what else. I just know it was the best thing I ever ate while lying on a blanket on the beach.


It’s a homey little place where you don’t have to wear shorts or shirts, though I recommend you do. Some of the benches are wood, that’s all I’m sayin.’ They also cook their meet on in a little (er, big) outdoor rotisserie — how cool is that?


I love the burritos. Really do. It’s so awesome to wake up at the beach house and walk to Pixie Deli for breakfast. Of course, you should go there when you have a few minutes to just sit (if you can find a seat) and relax because these burritos can’t be made in a hurry.


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