Santa Cruz Flea Market on 4th of July Weekend

When I was a little girl, Fourth of July was my favorite holiday. We’d grab the tents, pack the boat for a long weekend and head to my dad’s cousin’s house that floated on the Sacramento River. There were jet skis and boats and surf boards to paddle around on. There, we wore little more than our swim suits and lounged on the house decks and under the sprawling trees on an open lot. I took friends up the river on the jet ski, flipping them off when we’d hit a boat’s wave or take too sharp of a turn. We’d read books and pretended we didn’t understand grown-up things. But as I got older — and immersed in things like college and bills — Fourth of July was never the same. The floating (and quickly sinking) house and property were sold. And I was living in Long Beach, so far from the river.

But this Fourth of July, I feel like I got back the holiday that I once loved so much. I spent the three-day weekend (four days, if you include the drive Thursday night) on the beach in Aptos. My great friends Grant and Laura have a beach house there, and they invited this awesome fusion of “randos,” or, people who are all so cool but didn’t really know each other. It didn’t take long before we were all friends and bonding over a weekend of illegal fireworks shows, jungle juice and Cafe Du Monde, Bob Marley on the beach, and the boogie board that shot us out of the ocean.

The next few posts will be a series of Aptos photos, from breakfast burritos to a perfect day on the beach. For now, I hope you enjoy these photos from an early morning visit to the Santa Cruz flea market (where, I found shoes for $7 that I’ve had my eye on at REI for $95). Don’t forget to say hello and leave a comment.





It was an early morning after a long night.














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3 Responses to Santa Cruz Flea Market on 4th of July Weekend

  1. I love the urban hippie! You captured pictures of little details that caught my eye while perusing the market! I didnt know! You find things through the eye of your camera, that simply amaze me! Like the old guitar w/the bird decals. I LOVED that and didnt know you saw it. The bakelite, bracelet treasures. Lord have mercy. Love ya, love yer show. thanks for the marvelous weekend.

  2. Jen Howell says:

    the beginnings of a book or show?

  3. Nosedecine says:

    Your photos are amazing, I love your style.
    I’d like to use one on my blog with a link here. Only if give me permission to do that.
    You can see it on
    Thank you very much.

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