C&O Trattoria = Amore

My absolute favorite restaurant in the world is C&O Trattoria off the Venice Beach boardwalk in Marina Del Rey. It’s the place I only go with the greatest friends because anything less just wouldn’t be right. Most nights (or afternoons) at C&O, you are seated in the charming outside dining area where tables are nestled together between rustic Italian walls, water fountains and heat lamps that are the perfect touch of warmth to a breezy dinner during sunset.


The always-friendly waiters and owner pour house red wine from unlabled bottles and fill a plate with hot garlic rolls. Hint: Ask your waiter to drizzle extra olive oil for a truly perfect appetizer.


I love the whole feel of the restaurant. Inside, jugs of wine are lined along the wall and you help yourself, on the honor system, of course. Outside, faux balconies are crackled and rustic and give it just an extra flare of Italian. Some nights, every table gets sheets of the Italian song, “Amore,” and the entire restaurant sings together.


The food is simply amazing. We ordered the salmon, the evenings special, as well as my all-time favorite, the Cappelini Roma. It’s so tasty. Oh, I can’t forget about the sizes. There’s always leftover to take home, but if you get the gargantuan size for, I think, a dollar more, your pasta comes in a huge bowl that could feed most families.


If you’re ever in Venice Beach, don’t forget to stop about C&O. It’s definitely a place you’ll never forget.

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