A Country Wedding, Part 1

I’m not a fan of weddings. I think marriage is a great thing, but actual weddings seem to froofy and cheezy, so I avoid them A LOT. However, this weekend, something changed. Jen invited me to go with her to a wedding she was hired to photograph, and it was so much fun — hot and sweaty, but fun. It gave me an opportunity to play with my camera and photograph actual people, because God knows I like all things inanimate. I took almost 1,400 photos and like about 50 of them. Here’s the first batch of some things I tried. I hope you enjoy — even if you’re not a wedding person, like me.














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One Response to A Country Wedding, Part 1

  1. lucy says:

    i love the fasteners on the mariachi man’s pants. i love the wine bucket and the man standing in front of the aqua colored corregated metal siding. I love the couple kissing. The rear view of the model T. The dancing feet. the proud groom. The baby pulling on the ladies necklace. i love them all and more! love you miss you!

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